Trent Bingham

Line Superintendent

The electric department (Line Crew) is managed by Trent Bingham (Electric System Superintendent), with Myles Ray and Victor Trujillo as crew foremen. Trent started with the coop in 2001 as a journeyman lineman.  Myles Ray began his career in 1993, with Victor Trujillo starting in 2007. There are primarily two different crews, which are on call 24/7.  The primary responsibility of the Line Crew is to "keep the lights on" for all Cooperative members.  All employees in the electric department take great pride in their work as they construct and maintain electric distribution lines all over Graham County.  They must do this in a safe and efficient manner. No matter what the weather conditions are, you can be assured that the Line Crew is dedicated to restoring power as soon as possible.

The line crew consists of Juan Carreon, Jesus Legarda, Victor Trujillo, Chris Owens, Myles Ray, Mike Nagy, Keegan McKinney, Shane Howard, Chris Hancock, Jacob Trujillo, Fernando Macario,  Ryan Botkins, Kendall Lunt, and Dustin Larkey.