Ethan Estes

Water Superintendent & Meter Dept Supervisor

Ethan Estes serves as Water Superintendent, overseeing the Water Department. While there are a limited number of employees that work in the water department, they have the big responsibility of constructing and maintaining water lines located in many parts of Graham County. Safe and reliable water service is the number one priority. You can be assured that our water department will be there to respond to any water emergency and restore service in a timely manner.

Left to right: Dustin, Manny, Quinten, Glenn, David, and Ethan

In addition to Ethan's responsibilities as Water Superintendent, he oversees the Meter Department. It takes a lot of work to read over 11,000 electric and water meters located all over Graham County each month but this is what our meter department does. The department is also responsible for changing out old meters, installing AMI meters and other service work such as meter testing, disconnects, and reconnects. They also look to make sure that your utility service is working as it should. Each employee takes great pride in making sure that the readings are accurate and timely. The department team lead meter reader is Julie Garcia.

Left to right: Ethan, James, Briana, Julie, Lynette, Jeannie, and Jason