Employee Receives Welding Certification

Journeyman welder David Hancock loves working with his hands and working outside.

David Hancock completed his journeyman welder apprenticeship in half the usual time. This certification allows him to perform welding fabrication for Graham County Utilities on different projects and line repairs.

The rigorous apprenticeship involves becoming operator-qualified in 43 critical natural gas functions during three years. Training for these tasks include testing the apprentice in their knowledge of operation manuals, procedures and hands-on proficiency that is held to not only the high standards of GCU, but to federal and state standards.

David was hired in the gas and water department in March 2019 as an apprentice welder. He says he likes working with his hands and performing welding fabrication.

“I’ve always worked outside doing things as an ag (agriculture) mechanic, like working construction on different things for farms,” David says.

Prior to his job at GCU, David worked several years at Allen Pump, where he removed and installed wells and irrigation water systems.

David came to the Gila Valley from St. David in 2011. He is married to Lindsey (Allred), a radiologist at Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center. They are the proud parents of two little girls: June, who is 3, and Sydney, who was born in July.

David’s hobbies include “anything outdoors!”

He loves hunting, fishing and spending time with his young family.