Electric Safety for 4th Graders

On February 24, 2022 GCEC employee Clint Woods taught 4th graders the importance of electric safety at the S.T.E.A.M. Festival. As many students are curious where electricity comes from, they also need to know the importance of being safe around power. "We have a demonstration in which there are examples of causes to getting hurt around power lines", said Clint Woods. "We have a kid flying a kite and getting it in a power line, we have a backhoe operator raising the bucket too high and then there are kids playing around a transformer unit." Mr. Woods teaches what happens when a person comes in contact with electricity and the damage it causes.

Each year, Eastern Arizona College and Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center host the Gila Valley Health and STEAM Festival. Held at the EAC Activity Center, the free blood screening, vision screening, audiology screening, care seat safety course, health information, agricultural animals and hands-on science experiences are presented to the public. GCEC participates each year with an electrical safety demonstration, questions and answers to local 4th grade students.

Read the Thank-you notes from Ft. Thomas School Students (PDF)