ACC Approves Ash Creek Ownership

During the Arizona Corporation Commission hearing held on March 15, 2002, Graham County Electric Cooperative (GCEC) was awarded the service area of Ash Creek Water system.  "We would like to welcome Ash Creek water customers to our Co-op family", said CEO/General Manager Phil Cook.  "Many of which are already electric members, but now we are able to service their water too."

Graham County Utilities, Inc. (GCU) has been interim manager for Ash Creek Water system since mid-2020 when GCU saw the need to provide better water service for friends and neighbors in our community.  GCU invested over $290,000 in urgently needed repairs to address significant reliability issues that the Ash Creek Water customers were experiencing.  In addition, crews worked on many leaks, pressure issues and installed a chlorination system over the past two years to provide safe and reliable water.

GCU merged with GCEC in January 2022.  As a good neighbor, GCEC plans on major upgrades along with an interconnection of the Ash Creek Water system with the Pima Water System.  This will provide safe and reliable water resources to the area.