SmartHub Program Available to Graham County Electric Cooperative Members

Bill Pay Options, Information on Energy Use, Much More Available on Smart Phone App – Member Experience to be Enhanced

Graham County Electric Cooperative has modernized its entire operating software system that’s used for everything from internal office operations to Member engagement on billpay options, energy use, and more.

“The bottom line is this will really enhance the Member experience and make it much easier for us to do the business of the co-op and for the Member to do business with us,” said Kim Larkey, GCEC office manager and project manager for the program.

In February, after months of preparation and implementation for the new software system, GCEC switched to the National Information Solutions Cooperative/NISC, as its software provider; NISC provides software programming and upgrades to hundreds of electric cooperative utilities across the country.

The most obvious advantage to Members and one they can start using immediately is the “Smart Hub” app on their smart phones; go to the Google Play Store or the IPhone App Store, search “Smart Hub,” and download the app. Once its installed, open it; a window will come up asking who your provider is, and simply type GCEC on the line to register your account.

Then browse the app for instant access to everything about your Member account, from current billing, to how much energy you’re using, to how to monitor peak usage times and learn ways to save energy and money. The Smart Hub app also ties into the Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) metering for your home or business. (For more on the AMI Metering project, see story.)

“This is like a brain and heart transplant all at once, everything we do is going to tie into it. It’s going to provide the Member with so much more useful information, for example, they’ll get alerts and information about outages on the app,” Larkey said.

“As far as the business side for the co-op, it improves operations for financials, purchasing, our work-order system, every piece of what we do is modernized, more efficient – and the bottom line is the benefits to our Members,” Larkey said.

For more information, visit the GCEC website, click on Member Services, and click on Smart Hub. Information is also available on GCEC’s Facebook page.

“Of course and as always, our Members can call the office and we’ll make sure your questions are answered,” Larkey said.