Preparing for the Monsoon

Remember that trees growing near power lines can cause an outage when summer storms bring strong winds. To prevent such problems near your home, don’t plant trees directly beneath power lines. Trim your trees regularly, and consult the International Society of Arboriculture for proper trimming methods. Graham County Electric Cooperative  (GCEC) contracts with Asplundh to perform trimming; crews may cut entire branches that are growing into or toward overhead equipment. You can report vegetation in need of pruning to GCEC at (928) 485-2451. Allow safe access to the pruning area by unlocking gates, securing pets, and keeping work zones and pathways clear of vehicles and other obstructions.

For your own safety during the monsoon, which usually lasts from June to September, remember: do not enter a wash when storms are in the area or nearby. During short outages, keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Be prepared and have food and water. Cook outdoors if necessary. Make sure you have batteries on hand and gas in your car. Ensure you have your prescriptions and any necessary dietary foods on hand, as well as first aid supplies. Stay updated through your charged laptop or smartphone by checking updates posted on the GCEC Facebook page.

Steps to restoring power is on the GCEC website!