Greater Power in Expanding Service

Graham County Electric Coop (GCEC) is expanding their service territory. By the end of September, our water service territory will have more than 300 new meters in what used to be Central Water. A new interconnect between the Central system and the Pima water system uses about three miles of new pipe, two booster stations, and a new, 300,000-gallon water tank south of Webster Hill. The progress was visible from Highway 70, where the line was bored under the highway at Central Road.

Ash Creek Water is also now officially part of GCEC. After we began managing the system two years ago, GCEC took ownership this past April with approval by Arizona Corporation Commission. Extensive work by maintenance crews included adding a new chlorine pump that is now fenced for security, as well as repairing a range of leaks and improving the line for compliance.

A new, 12-inch water main will increase volume and improve flow to the Riverback housing area in Pima. Boulder Creek Excavating and Construction, LLC, installed more than a mile of line from Tank Hill to the area. The water pressure into that part of the system remains under constant monitoring While construction was complete in June, the Arizona Department of Water Quality approved the line before official operation began in July.