Town of Thatcher FAQ

What is the difference in rates between GCEC and TOT?

TOT electric rates and monthly minimum charges are generally lower than GCEC rates. The following chart compares the residential rates for both entities:

Type of Charge GCEC Thatcher
Residential monthly minimum charge $9 $7
Residential commodity charge per kilowatt-hour $0.11038 $0.091

Please contact TOT at (928) 428-2290 if you have additional questions about the rates and fees for TOT.

If I want to upgrade or make any changes to my electric service then who do I contact?

Thatcher residents will contact TOT regarding any service upgrade or changes. TOT will then notify GCEC of the required changes and GCEC personnel will complete construction as part of the regular scheduled work orders. If GCEC personnel need to communicate with the customer about the service upgrade or changes then TOT will share the customer contact information with GCEC.

If GCEC is going to be the wire provider and restore power during an outage then why can’t I contact GCEC directly if I’m a Thatcher resident?
  • GCEC and TOT have agreed that residents of TOT should call the Town for all questions related to their electric utility service. After the transfer, Thatcher residents will be customers of TOT and not GCEC for electric service. The Town will be able to determine if the outage is because of non-payment or some other issue.
  • If it’s determined that the outage is due to power or equipment failure then the Town will be responsible for contacting GCEC to have service repaired as soon as possible. Following this process will avoid unnecessary call outs for GCEC crews which will help decrease the amount of time it takes to restore power during an outage. The customer will also avoid additional charges or fees for unnecessary service calls.
What happens to my capital credits with GCEC?

All capital credits that have been allocated to Thatcher residents will continue to be retained by the customer. Capital credits will be retired according to the GCEC capital credit retirement policy.