Smart Thermostat Program

What if I don’t want GCEC to control my thermostat?

Participation is 100% voluntary. If you choose to enroll, you have the ability to opt out of up to 35% of event hours in a year – participating in 65% of the total event hours – and still earn a $100 bill credit. For example, if GCEC has 10 events in one year, each for the maximum of four hours, that’s 40 total event hours, and a participant would need to have participated in at least 26 of those hours to earn the bill credit. You can opt out of one hour at a time or an entire four-hour event – the choice is yours. But because we can’t predict the weather a year in advance, we encourage our participants to keep track of their control hours throughout the year.

How often do adjustment events occur?

Adjustment events may occur up to five times per month without exceeding 30 events per year. Up to two events may occur in the same week, possibly on successive days.

What are GCEC-initiated adjustment events?

GCEC-initiated adjustment events occur when GCEC adjusts your thermostat’s set point to curb demand on the electric grid. Adjustment events are four hours long. In the first hour, GCEC will pre-cool or pre-heat your home. In hours two through four, GCEC will incrementally increase or decrease your thermostat’s set point from its regularly scheduled setting. See the table above. Please note that GCEC will not turn off your thermostat at any time.

What if I already have a smart thermostat?

Right now, you can choose to receive an ecobee3 lite thermostat from GCEC and have it installed in place of your existing smart thermostat. However, GCEC may expand program enrollment in the future to members with existing smart thermostats, including certain models by ecobee, Honeywell, Emerson, and Nest.