What are the benefits of automated meters?

Our meters communicate usage data automatically, reducing meter reading errors and allowing reads that are more frequent. Sending fewer employees to physically read meters also reduces fuel consumption and pollution, allowing more efficient, environmentally friendly operations.

Metering advancement allows GCEC to reduce vehicle expenses, time identifying outages and administration costs associated with metering data and billing. In addition, the meters notify GCEC of outages and fluctuations in voltage.

This improves service restoration times and assists with preventive maintenance that can prevent outages and improve the reliability of your electric service.

Finally, the new automated meters will help GCEC manage the integration of new energy resources and offer services that help customers reduce energy consumption and save money.

How do automated meters work?

Our automated meters transmit usage data through a wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signal. The meters communicate for very brief periods at a low signal strength throughout the day. Because these transmissions last only a few milliseconds, the meters typically communicate for less than 1½ minutes per day. Member-specific data such as names, addresses and account numbers are not transmitted by automated meters. The meters use advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access to data and the utility network. Readings are transmitted wirelessly using Radio Frequency (RF) signals that are similar to signals used by cordless phones and many other consumer devices.

Why is GCEC Installing New Meters?

Some of the oldest GCEC’s meters are water meters that have been in place for over 40 years. Some of the electric meters have been in place over 20 years. While our meters have served us well, they are rapidly running up against limitations and many are no longer supported by the manufacturer. New technology and communication capabilities are essential to maintaining the service our members expect. As we incorporate new technology into our electric and water systems, our power quality and reliability improves. In addition, our membership is better able to manage costs and improve energy efficiency.