Vacation Use

When vacation time comes and you’re planning to be gone for a couple of weeks, your electric bill should decrease significantly, right? Wrong!

Many people believe that when they leave for vacation, their electric meter stops until they return. Ask yourself a few questions before assuming your electric bill should decrease by any considerable amount during vacation.

First, was your heating or cooling system turned off or the thermostat set up or down in your absence? If these preparations are not made before you leave, your heating and cooling system will work to maintain your thermostat’s preset temperature even if no one is at home.

Second, was the water heater turned down or off while you were gone? If the electric water heater is left energized during vacation, it will continue to operate and maintain the tank temperature even if you’re not using any hot water. Were the refrigerator and freezers emptied and turned off? If not, they will continue to operate to maintain the preset temperatures.

Perhaps you can make arrangements with a neighbor to keep an eye on your place and adjust the heat and/or air conditioner and water heater shortly before you return. In addition, you may wish to unplug all appliances not in use. If a light is to be left on, it should be connected to a timer.

Also, many vacationers bring home several days or weeks of laundry. This will give your electric water heater and washer and dryer a workout your first day or two back home.