How did AEPCO resolve all of the ACC Staff issues raised in Finding of Fact No. 78 of the Rate Decision?

For reference below:

  1. Minimum or maximum dollar amounts not specified
  2. Needs specificity regarding environmental compliance obligations
  3. Does not address whether the surcharge will base revenue requirements upon short or long-term financing, or simply upon ongoing operating cash requirements
  4. Does not include a formalized process and list of regulatory accounts to be used for recording funds received and classification of qualified environmental assets
  5. Does not include a provision requiring that the ECAR remain subject to Commission audit on an annual or bi-annual basis

AEPCO worked with the Staff to address the issues listed in Finding of Fact No. 78. AEPCO was able to reach agreement with the Staff on all aspects of the ECAR except for the issue of recovering additional chemical costs incurred due to environmental regulation(s). AEPCO has filed the ECAR Plan of Administration and Tariff incorporating the recovery of additional chemical costs incurred due to environmental regulation(s) and asked the Commission to approve the filing with that inclusion.