2022 Washington Youth Tour Winners

Ayla Finch, attending Safford High School, loves reading and writing with occasional drawing.  She has taught herself to play the guitar.  Actively engaged in the high school choir, Ayla is the 2021 Vice-President and the current President of band. Her future interests include becoming an urban planner and working with citizens of the community.

Chris Curtis, also attending Safford High School, loves to learn and fix things.  He enjoys taking machines and electronics apart and examining how the components work.  He is the Communications Director for Safford High School's National Honor Society and helps plan fundraisers, service projects, and school activities.  His goal is the obtain an Electrical Engineering Degree with a focus on energy production systems.  Perhaps his future might be with NASA.

Garet Morris attends Pima High School and performs in musical theater.  He has had opportunities to perform in school, church, and other community organizations.  He loves playing the trumpet, cornet, and ukulele as well as dabbling in piano and guitar.  Garet maintains a 4.0 AGPA and takes college classes.  His future endeavors include something in the entertainment industry as a performer, singer, actor, or teaching kids in music. He would love to pursue writing his own songs.

Joshua Simmons a Thatcher High School student, has many interests and hobbies. Some include golf, piano, guitar, and building computers. Joshua has participated in the Arizona Study Program in piano for several years. Not sure of his future, he has interests in computer science, math, or science such as engineering or physics.

Karlee Napier of Ft Thomas High School enjoys volleyball, softball, baking, listening to music, and spending time with her family and friends.  She is an active member of FFA and FBLA as well as Vice-President of the Athletic Club in Ft. Thomas. Karlee's future aspirations include becoming a real estate agent and working with kids either in a daycare setting or teaching.