2018 Washington Youth Tour Winners

Hayden Ashby from Pima High School is the son of Anetta and Than Ashby. Hayden loves spending time with his family.  He has earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Hayden helps with many service projects and is involved in sports.

Brock Jones from Thatcher High School is the son of Russ and Dana Jones.  He is involved in athletics, singing, and playing musical instruments. Brock is interested in learning new things and learning to solve problems.

Camilla Larson from Safford High School is the daughter of Reed and MaryAnn Larson. She loves playing soccer, singing, dancing, public speaking, photography, and playing the piano.  She is involved in community service and tries to plan and implement positive activities for youth groups.

Trae Nelson from Pima High School is the son of Jace and Melinda Nelson. He is involved in many school activities and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, swimming, reading and participating in triathlons.  Trae leads peopke to work harder, to care more, and to be better.

WYT 2018 – Camilla Larson Video

Camilla Larson was selected to represent Arizona for the Youth Leadership Council for 2018-19. Hear all YLC speeches on the Co-ops Vote Facebook page (Camilla starts her speech around 33:10). She attended NRECA's Annual Meeting in February 2019.  Camilla is a Safford High School graduate.  Hear what she says about her trip:

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