Election Code of Ethics

You may also download the GCEC Election Code of Ethics (PDF)

Code of Ethics For Candidates for Board of Directors

  1. A Candidate, his or her employees, or agents shall not participate in the following behavior:
    1. Counterfeit or distribute unofficial ballots.
    2. Forge or falsely vote a ballot.
    3. Destroy or deface a ballot.
    4. Delay the delivery of a ballot.
    5. Mark a voted ballot or ballot envelope with the intent to disqualify it.
    6. Mark an unvoted ballot.
    7. Offer or provide any consideration to acquire a voted or unvoted ballot.
    8. Solicit the collection of unvoted ballots.
    9. Collect voted ballots.
    10. Force, threaten, menace, or bribe or by any other corrupt means, either directly or

      1. To attempt to influence a member in casting his or her vote or to deter him
        or her from casting his vote.
      2. To attempt to awe, restrain or disturb a member in exercising their right to
      3. To defraud a member by deceiving and causing them to vote for a
        different person than they intended or desired to vote for.
    11. Induce a member, either by menace, reward or promise thereof, to vote differently
      than the member intended or desired to vote.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Candidate to educate his or her employees and agents of
    these policies.
  3. Any Candidate caught violating these policies, directly or through his or her employees
    or agents, shall be disqualified as a Candidate for the Board of Directors.
  4. All ballots tainted by violations of this policy will be disqualified.
  5. If the violation of these policies is brought to the attention of the Board of Directors after
    the Candidate is elected, the Board shall have the right to remove that Candidate from the