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Solar Renewable Energy Programs


What is Distributed Generation? Distributed Generation (DG) is energy generated at or near where it will be used and may also be considered as part of a micro-grid that serves a specific delivery area.
What is Graham County Electric Cooperative’s (GCEC) Distributed Generation Financing Program all about? GCEC wants to assist its members with renewable energy projects and services. If you are a non-profit, government or school and are a member of GCEC you may qualify for financing of your solar facility so you can generate your own energy to be used when you need it. You will in time repay GCEC for your facility through a negotiated rate.
Are there limitations on my generation source to qualify for the program? Yes, your system cannot be sized to generate more than 100% of your connected load. Your system must directly or indirectly benefit GCEC membership through reduced costs of operations or a reduction in direct charges.
What is the process after approval? Once your application and location of your solar facility is approved by the GCEC Board, GCEC will arrange for the design, permitting, construction, installation and testing of your solar facility. Once your facility passes inspection and is energized, you will be responsible for ongoing maintenance and operational costs of your solar facility. 
How do I repay GCEC for the cost of the facility? You will pay GCEC a monthly purchase payment amounts equal to your facilities kilowatt-hours (kWh) production times a negotiated rate per kWh. These payments will be applied directly to the cost of your facility.
How much will my bill be? Along with the regular fixed monthly meter fees, based on your size of service, you will pay GCEC for all electricity produced by your facility an amount equal to the current Commercial Retail Tariff Rate less GCEC’s base cost of power.
What is the funding selection criteria? Projects will go through a scoring process based on size of project in dollars, number of GCEC members benefitting from the project, financial need of the applicant and impact on the local economy. Projects will be awarded based on GCEC’s annual Renewable Energy Standard Tariff plan and budget approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission as funds become available.
If you are interested in applying for Graham County Electric Cooperative’s Distributed Generation financing program and can fulfill the minimum criteria above, please contact Kirk Gray at (928) 485-8665.

DG Application (fillable)


Graham County Electric Cooperative is committed to provide members with affordable cost effective energy solutions.  Partnerships have been formed with SunPumps and National Cooperative Bank (NCB) for providing energy solutions to our members.

It is important to gather as much information as you can in order to make the best decision for your situation.  The following information is available to help our members with the process.

10 Steps to take before installing solar

Questions to ask a Solar Contractor

Solar Systems: What size is right for you?

Solar energy frequently asked questions

Home Energy Financing FAQ's with National Cooperative Bank

After you have reviewed all the information and if you feel solar is the right choice for you. then complete the Sun Watts Program packet and make an appointment with Graham County Electric Operations Manager by calling 928.485.2451 extension 8674.

Graham County Electric wants to be your energy solutions partner. 

1-Letter of Understanding
2-SunWatts handbook
3-Interconnect Form
4-AER Disclaimer
5-Third Party Assignment GCEC
7-GCEC Annual Export Rate (AER) Agreement
8-Load usage Authorization Letter
9-Rebate Request Form
GCEC Export Rate Tariff (5-1-2018)


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