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Energy Efficiency Programs


Graham County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (GCEC) filed an application with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) requesting approval of its Electric Energy Efficiency (EE) Implementation Plan for 2014 and 2015. GCEC was required to submit an energy efficiency plan in order to comply with Arizona Administrative Code R14-2-2418. After hearing and evaluating the EE plan, the ACC issued Decision No. 74088 on September 23, 2013, approving the plan. A copy of the EE plan and ACC decision can be found at under Docket No. E-01749A-13-0184.

The EE plan includes several new programs available to GCEC members designed to help reduce their electric energy usage and ultimately their utility bill. All EE programs are subject to available funding and the requirements as set forth in the approved EE plan. The programs include the following

CFL Lighting Program
Residential Low Income Weatherization Program
Residential Time-of-Use (TOU) Program

LED Lighting Program:
Look for the display at ACE Hardware! 

GCEC has partnered with the local ACE Hardware store In Safford, AZ to provide discount pricing on LED's.  This program is to promote the installation of high-efficiency light emitting diode (LED) bulbs in homes within the GCEC service territory. GCEC members will be referred to participating retailers like ACE Hardware to purchase qualifying LED's and the discount pricing will be passed on to GCEC’s members through a negotiated agreement with the retailer. Please contact ACE Hardware at 928-428-1033 (707 S 6th Ave, Safford, AZ 85546) for specific pricing details. 

Also for more information on energy savings go to

Residential Low Income Weatherization Program (RLIWP):
GCEC has partnered with non-profit organizations such as Southeastern Arizona Community Action Programs (SEACAP) to provide funding and support for existing low income weatherization programs. The goal of this program (RLIWP) is to improve energy efficiency in homes in the GCEC service area by assisting low-income residents in reducing energy use and lowering their utility bills by implementing year-round weatherization measures. This program is provided at no cost to eligible GCEC members whose income is at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. The program includes a SEACAP representative determining the work needed and installing weatherization measures on approved homes and structures, including caulking and weather-stripping, insulation (attic, wall, & duct), and other energy efficiency measures as needed. Interested GCEC members must contact SEACAP for an application by calling 928-428-4653.

Residential Time-of-Use (TOU) Program:
The purpose of this program is to provide GCEC members a way to save money on a voluntary TOU rate plan while helping GCEC with critical peak load reduction. The current GCEC TOU program received ACC approval in Decision No. 73348 and became effective, October 1, 2012. TOU rates provide residential customers with a lower “off-peak” rate. In order to save money on this program, participating members will need to shift a significant percentage of their usage to the off-peak hours. For more information regarding this program and how TOU may help to lower your electric utility bill Click Here or call 928-485-2451 or visit the GCEC office.

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